Paddy Steer is a Zelig-like character along the timeline of Manchester’s musical activity. It’s a testament to his musicality that he has played with such a wide range of music and artists over the years, be it as a bass player, drummer, Hawaiian guitarist etc. or all these roles at the same time.

In rejection of the notion of ‘immaculate reproduction’, live performances from Paddy’s own project err more daringly and admirably on the frontier of chaotic abstraction, expression and focussed blunder, dice rolling down the hill in case of duende, as from behind his stacked array of instruments, the anarchically intrepid punk gargles through a vocoder with his xylophone, all a-clatter under disco lights and doilies.

He creates his tools, as he creates his craft, here from scratch, there from new, ever from long-garnered experience that includes running the massive ensemble Homelife, years hence. In style he is unique on the circuit that knows him, on which similarly his blinkered resolve and capacity to create must be unparalleled.

This has been reduced down over a long period of time, and applied coat by coat with subtle mastery, for richness, depth, and vivid texture, as if it were some magnificent curry, or a samurai sword. Lounge, romp, deep groove, homely and galactic-expedition whimsy, furry electronic invention, it feels akin to playing and winning a computer game made from reality, to hear.

“sounds like a Swiss cuckoo clock made of egg boxes and horsehair, glued together by an African Moog player in a Vietnamese iron monger’s shop”. (Graham Massey)

Solo Albums

Bifurcation Arrows Misleading Visuals      Paraventricular Nucleaus recordings 2016

The Fortified Herd                                              madwaltz 2013

Dragon’s Breath                                                   Red Deer Club 2009


4 thoughts on “About

  1. you are a joy to discover. I’m a 14 year old raver again listening to moog indigo, edgar varese, claus wunderlicht and nexus 21. Discovering artists like you make my place in the world feel more secure.

  2. Hi Paddy, just wanted to say thank you for your excellent performance at Smuggler’s Festival this year. It was the first I have come across your music and it was clear that the impression you left on the crowd was great too, so many people up and dancing!
    But the main reason I’m writing to you is to tell you about our middle son, he’s two and we danced to your whole gig together and every day since (nearly a month later), he still says 5 times a day without fail, “I want to go to that place again and see that funny man”, so you’ve captured his imagination!
    Thanks again and keep it up!

  3. Hi Paddy saw you in Carlisle last night for the first time, hopefully will see you many more times in the future. You are magnificently entertaining, thank you!

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